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JINJIA,chainman of enterprises eligible for 2015 Year of Wenzhou City Outstanding Entrepreneur
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February 23, 2016, the Wenzhou municipal government held the city's economic work conference. Liyi Xu, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee , delivered a speech at the meeting, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee acted mayor Zhang Geng to attend meeting . City leaders Yiping Ge , Meisheng Yu , Sanxiong Qian attended the meeting.
Party secretary Liyi Xu stressed that we need to adhere the "five development concept" as a guide, and actively adapt to the new economic development, strengthen the supply Lateral structural reform, focus on six articles of "deveplop main subject, optimize platform, increase investment, strong innovation, expanding opening up, increase three output", to make great efforts to promote economic transformation and upgrading, focus on improve the quality and efficiency of economic development, to ensure the completion of the annual objectives and tasks.
The meeting commended the leading enterprises, high growth enterprises, representatives of listed companies and outstanding entrepreneurs, meritorious(Advanced) character representatives of returned Wenzhou businessman, , as well as mayor quality award enterprises.
Mr. Jinguang Wan , chairman of JINJIA company won the title of outstanding entrepreneur of Wenzhou City, at present, Jinjia company has to establish modern enterprise system, and created the JINJIA unique corporate culture of "quality and customer satisfaction, people-oriented, sustainable development" .Established a team is which good research, dare to fight tough. Continue to expand market share, continue to seek new economic growth, and constantly improve ourselves, carry out the concept of innovation, technological innovation, product innovation and management innovation, strugle for first-class team, first-class management, first-class products, first-class service, first-class enterprise and make more contribution for the social development,supply excellent service and first-class products for the automotive repair industry all over the world.